5 pillars of Sustainability

Compliance best practices


throughout our
supply chain.



in our operations.

Eco-responsible products


for our clients.

Social impact


in our communities.

Enviromental action


for our planet.

We are glad to announce our commitment with the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) established by UN Global Compact and UN Women.

Corporate Leadership
High-Level Corporate Leadership
Treat all Women & Men fairly
Treat all Women and Men fairly at work without discrimination
Health & safety
Employee Health, Well-Beaing and Safety
Education and training for career advancement
Enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices
Community initiatives and advocacy
Measurement and Reporting
Best Practices

Showing strong results in social compliance audits is a mandatory condition for suppliers to work with us. We closely monitor our suppliers social and environmental performance and evaluate them following a methodology we have developed in-house, based on third-party social compliance audit reports. We accept SA8000 Standard, as well as BSCI, SMETA, WCA and other internationally recognized audit protocols.

Suppliers that are actively working on substantially reducing their environmental footprint and have it documented, have a priority to work with us and are rewarded with more orders . Iniciatives can be linked to energy effiency measures, water-saving processes, the use of renewable energy, reduction and compensation of greenhouse gases emisions, etc.

We are commited to lessen our impact on the environment and grow into a more sustainable company, to ultimately become a triple impact business fostering environmental, social and financial performance.

We are working to remove all single use plastics from our operations, including transport and products packaging, and moving towards renewable and compostable options, predominantly FSC-certified paper and FSC-certified wood-based cellulose bioplastic.

We are constantly looking for more sustainable materials to replace conventional materials in our collections and the cooperation of all our supply chain partners in the sourcing process is key. We are interested in recycled fibers, both synthetic and natural, recycled plastics and recycled metals, certified organic natural fibers, sustainably produced man-made fibers, and all other breakthrough innovations in material science.

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