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We love what
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Our suppliers are integral to our success.

BSG’s over 300 suppliers in two continents become strategic partners in the value chain. When purchasing, the company not only evaluates costs, but also variables such as terminations and production times -attained by setting up long-term alliances that allow working jointly to enhance growth and add value.

Make the difference!

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It's a new concept that break trough across all of Isadora's categories, where we are constantly seeking to replace conventional materials with more responsible ones, whether they're reused, recycled or made of sustainably grown natural fibers.


We believe that beauty should make us feel good and that skin care can be fun, with innovative easy-to-use ingredients and customizable routines created for the skin and the mind. We only formulate with cruelty-free ingredients, we say NO to animal testing and we make sure to take care of it throughout the production chain.


Our new collection to enjoy your home includes, decor items, kitchenware, bathroom, and gardening. It's also accompanied by Homewear, being more comfortable at home by wearing comfortable textiles. The prints and designs are the highlight of the collection made by our own creative teams, aligned with our brand’s DNA. It’s a new world and it’s here to stay!

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