We built long term relationships.

We have transparent, fluent and sincere communications. We react quickly to customers needs.

The company’s expansion and growth offer our staff highly valued possibilities and generate professional development opportunities in various areas worldwide. Team work is our key to success. Therefore, we place special emphasis in training our leader through different development programs that provide them with management and talent building skills.
We include a large variety of benefits and flexible timetables schemes that allow harmonizing the different aspects of life. Professionalism, passion, creativity and integrity are values that represent us as a company.

Human Asset

One of the keys to success in the fast fashion business is the ability to create at least six collections annually with variety and adaptability to trends. With a business plan that includes all fashion processes as: design, manufacturing, distribution and sales in own stores, BSG’s different categories require a JIT production service with complex logistics as well as compliance with the highest quality standards. Under these business characteristics, BSG’s over 300 suppliers in two continents become strategic partners in the value chain.

Value Chain
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