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Being the world's most relevant company in lifestyle and wellness accessories.

Blue Star Group is one of the world's leading companies in the fashion accessories market with a renowned national and international track record. Details transform fashion.

Accessories are much more than mere complements, they stand as both the new protagonists redening trends and the best allies in the creation of a unique style. The company, with its brands Todomoda and Isadora , boasts over 800 stores, more than 4000 collaborators.

Trendsetters TM Trendsetters Isa

BSG was founded under the strong belief that in order to generate value proposals, keeping updated and conducting constant follow-up on changes in global and local fashion are a must. The company embraces constant change and is ahead of the latest trends turning them into fashion. BSG has an amazing team of designers who cultivate passion for detail and complements that make each woman stand out.

The company caters for women who enjoys fashion, await the latest trends and follow their own rules. Known for its passion, determination and love for detail, with products that seek to accentuate each woman’s uniqueness, BSG brings fashion to every woman across the world through trend-setting accessories that adapt to the taste and need of each woman.


TODOMODA Young, fresh and joyful spirited, Todomoda offers fashion accessories and products portfolio at an affordable price for a lively target in constant search for objects that exalt their personality. With over 600 stores, it continues expanding onto new markets.


ISADORA With a feminine and modern stamp, Isadora seeks to stress the feminine image and natural beauty of each woman. Positioned as referent of the fashion world, it boasts over 200 stores in the main cities.

With over 20 years track record in the domestic and international market, Blue Star Group is a renowned fashion accessories leader.

Its successful business model has allowed BSG to become consolidated in the region with sustained growth and to competitively enter into other markets.

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